Should I invest in property in 2023?

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Should I invest in property in 2023?

Short answer – yes!

As a result of the recent macroeconomic conditions – a persistent 5%+ base rate, the days of ultra-low interest rates and cheaper mortgages a distant memory, research has shown that one third of UK landlords plan to sell rental properties given the drop in landlord confidence.

Despite news headlines painting a pretty dire picture of the property market, don’t take their word as gospel and do your own research. Granted, there are a lot of factors to consider but do not let them stop you from entering the world of property investment because this year could be the best time that you could start building a property portfolio or simply getting yourself onto the property ladder.

If we turn the negative news on it’s head and look at it from a different angle – it’s a buyer’s market. The exit of a lot of landlords from the property market opens up multiple opportunities for investors but you need to be smart about how you go about investing in quality homes. If you are a serious investor and favour long-term strategy to gain high returns, 2023 is absolutely the best time for you to invest in UK property. For savvy investors, the current market conditions can be described as opportunistic. The shortage of rental stock and a slowing economy can result in a higher rate of bargain offer acceptances. This is because sellers value time over price, especially when they are cautious of a pending housing market crash and place a quick sale at the top of their priority list.

If you are a serious buyer and intent on getting your foot on the property ladder and not looking to invest in multiple properties, the same benefits apply to you too. The reality is that the number of new properties for sale is leaning in your favour, more so than sellers because of the impact of higher mortgage rates a lot of buyers are being forced out of the current market so when putting an offer in your number of competition will likely be lower than you realise.

Another positive noticeable trend we’ve seen is that the first-time buyer market has remained robust throughout the turbulence of the market- their buying behaviour has adapted to seek smaller properties than previous to still achieve the bigger goal of getting on the property ladder. Population continues to grow and the demand for housing does too, people’s behaviour and habits are adapting not disappearing. Provided you are able to find a reputable and experienced estate agent that can advise you on elements such as this, in the local market you are seeking to invest in, your property journey will continue and should move forward seamlessly.

At Sims Williams, we truly believe that investment in property is always profitable and worthwhile but it heavily depends on what your investment goals and circumstances are to determine what it is that you subsequently look for in property.

It is important to remember that the current property market is not a bad market and the landscape will change again as part of the cycle. Investing in property has always been a significant commitment, regardless of macroeconomics. The only difference right now is that it’s more crucial to price correctly in order to achieve a sale within a reasonable timescale. Did you know that the average sale takes 20 weeks? Click here to find out how Sims Williams can help get you ready to move and speed up the sale process.

With over 300 years’ experience between us, we are uniquely placed to advise you on every aspect of the property market between Chichester, Bognor-Regis, Arundel and Walberton, particular in these changing times.

Rest assured, the local markets are still buzzing with activity, we would love to hear from you and get you moving into your next home in West Sussex.

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What our clients say

Would recommend!

We bought and sold properties through the Bognor Regis team and would certainly recommend them. We spoke with all the team - who were very nice - but dealt a lot with John, as neither transaction was straightforward - and he worked really hard to make things work out for us. He was very approachable and we never felt pressured to agree to anything we weren't happy with. It really felt as though he was on our journey with us and wanted the best for us. I would certainly recommend Sims Williams, Bognor Regis
Ms Brookes- Vendor - Aug 25th, 2022

Constructive Development Advice

Sims Williams have always provided constructive development advice on various schemes for us. Their local knowledge on both house type demand and suitable blends, together with their extensive research of comparable prices, gives me great confidence in the information they provide.
Jason Osborn Developments Director - Driftstone Homes -

Claire - Vendor - 26.01.2023

We were very pleased with the team who were efficient and focused on finding the right buyer. The sale went through smoothly and we were kept informed at each stage of the process Thank you we would recommend them.
Claire - Vendor - Jan 26th, 2023

Excellent Service

It has been a great pleasure dealing with Calum in the Chichester branch at Sims Williams. The process from start to finish was excellent. Calum kept us in the loop with everything regarding our sale, even during the hard times through covid! We bought and sold out property through Sims Williams and would do the same again.
Helen & Nick - Vendors - Oct 6th, 2021

Exemplary service

Buying through Sims Williams was made as stress-free as possible, with friendly and professional management of the sale. I was kept up-to-date with progress regularly. Really highly impressive. Many thanks especially to Mel and Calum at the Chichester branch.
Peter - Buyer - Feb 8th, 2021

Always Helpful

We have been very happy with the Arundel Office who helped us consistently with the numerous problems that came up with the purchase of our wonderful new home. Particular mention needs to go to Emma for her constant endeavours to sort things out, and Tamsin waiting outside the office to hand over the keys at the eleventh hour. Thank you all.
Hilary - Buyer - Mar 23rd, 2021

Would definitely recommend!

I had been with another agent for quite a long time and was being messed around. When I decided to instruct Sims Williams they got very quick results and I had accepted an asking price offer3 days later. Linda and Louise were very proactive and efficient and I would highly recommend them.
Daphne - Vendor - Mar 12th, 2021

Fabulous Service Thank you

We bought a wonderful house in Burpham through Sims and must compliment the entire team on their professionalism, follow through and continuous efficiency. Tamsin, Emma, Lynne & Helena, thank you all for your amazing work. House buying is stressful but helped when communication is clear and efficient, Sims excelled in this area. Linda & Mark x
Linda & Mark - Buyers - Nov 29th, 2021

Not just another Buyer!

I had nothing but a positive experience with Sims Williams. Very helpful team, always responded quickly and will go above and beyond to make sure the process is as easy and stress free as possible. Emma was amazing, totally professional but extremely friendly, giving advise and opinions that were not always related to the property. Moving from a completely different county and not always knowing who to ask or contact, Emma was always on hand to help. Emma made me feel that we were not just another buyer but someone she was interested in. Thank you.
Sam - Buyer - Jun 17th, 2021

Excellent service from the Arundel offfice.

All the staff in the Arundel office were very professional, friendly and easily contactable. It can be a stressful time selling a house but Helena and Lynn were very reassuring and chased up any queries promptly and efficiently. From the valuation by Tamsin to the viewings by Helena and the ongoing following of the chain by Helena and Lynn we felt they were completely in control and very enthusiastic about our house and the sale. We would highly recommend them to anyone.
Mr & Mrs Osment - Vendor - Mar 13th, 2021