Moving with pets – top tips for the “Perrrfect” move

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Selling your property and moving to a new house can be a stressful experience for pets – as well as for you!

Here’s Sims Williams’ Top Tips for helping your beloved pets settle quickly into their new home.

Like us, cats and dogs get very attached to “Home Sweet Home” and feel safe and secure in familiar surroundings.


Preparing for your move day

Watching you pack up and move your belongings can be distressing for your pets – especially if you have strangers (removals people) coming in and out of your house.


Consider a “mini” holiday for your pets

Consider asking a friend or family member to care for your pet for a few days while you pack and complete your move.

If your pet is used to kennels or a cattery, maybe book them in for a couple of days to provide a more stable, calm environment.

Not having to worry about your furry friends will help you speed up the packing and moving process.


Make sure your pet has an identity collar

Cats and dogs are the most likely pets to escape, so ensure your new property details are on their collar so they can be safely returned to you if they get lost or run away.


Talk to your vet

Your vet can easily update your pet’s microchip with your new address details. If your pet isn’t already micro-chipped, now is a good time to get this done.

If your pets suffer from travel sickness or are likely to become extremely anxious on moving day, ask for calming sprays or anti-motion sickness tablets to help your pet stay calm during the journey.


Nominate someone to be in charge of your pets on moving day

This will ensure there is always at least one person who knows the exact whereabouts of each animal at all times.


Keep your pets in a secure place on moving day

With the front and back doors open and people coming and going, it is easy for your pets – particularly cats and dogs – to wander off.

Keep them in a safe, secure place and let your movers know to keep the door shut and avoid disturbing them as much as possible.

If your cat was to wander off, they might not return home before the move, which can be hugely distressing for both the animal and you.


Arriving at your new home

Identify a comfortable space for your pet and put down food, water and a bed.

Bring a blanket or pillow from your old home and put this in their bed as it will smell familiar and be comforting.


Introducing your pet to their new environment

Once you start bringing out all your belongings, the home will begin to smell more familiar to your pet, and you can help by rubbing your pet with a cloth and transferring their smell to different points around the home.


Check your property boundaries are secure

If you’re a dog-owner, make sure your garden is secure and there are no weak points in the gate or fence.

Cats will need to be kept inside for at least 24 hours to adjust to their new homes, but with supervision, your dog can immediately start exploring their new garden and marking out their new territory.


Re-establish your routine

Try to feed, bathe, walk, clean the cage of, groom, etc. your pet at the same time as you normally do to get your pet back into a familiar routine quickly.


Allow your pets time to settle in

Keep a close on your pets for the first few days after your house move and try not to leave them alone for long periods until you are satisfied they are not anxious and have started feeling “at home” in your new place.

You will probably know when your dogs or cats are happy as you’ll once again be fighting for the best spot on the sofa!

Be kept up to date

Leave your details with us, so we can keep you fully up to date with property updates.

What our clients say


I have bought and sold houses through sims williams over the past few years, in October we decided to rent our house for a year. We were very uneasy about should we, what if etc. We called David to have a chat, he put our minds at rest and we went ahead and went on the rental market. 4 viewing within 48 hours and its rented. The Chichester branch is just brilliant and you feel they are there for you. Give him a call if you're wondering about selling/Renting.
Patricia w - Landlord - Jan 7th, 2021

Fantastic, Professional experts

I had been looking for a property to rent for me my Son & our dog. I found the perfect cottage on Sims website on the Wednesday, viewed on the Friday and moved in the following Friday. Lara was so professional. She understood my pressures and went out of her way to support me and expedite the process quickly and with little stress. We are happy & settled and love our new home. Thank you Lara & thank you Sims
Nevin - Tenant - May 23rd, 2024

One Word - Fantastic.

We don’t normally write reviews, but on this occasion we had too. In life you get what you pay for, whilst I’m sure that there are cheaper agents out there; if you want a stress free move with knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated agents, that give excellent communication, then look no further than Sims Williams. We dealt with John, Annie and Vanessa, we sold and purchased through them. The Team in the Bognor Branch is fantastic, we couldn’t of hoped for better agents to support us through the journey which wasn’t always the easiest but they communicated to either side of the chain fantastically, keeping stress to a minimum and helped us through the bumps to complete in 11 weeks. A big thank you to you all, and in the future we wouldn’t look anywhere else. Sam and Lisa.
Mr & Mrs Poston - Dec 7th, 2021

Exceptional Service

What exceptional service. Thank you Calum. We must give praise where it is due and you went above and beyond our expectations by updating and guiding us every step of the way. We would highly recommend your services to anyone and everyone! A real professional.
John & Zoe - Vendor - Feb 24th, 2021

Professional Service

We have used Sims Williams on four occasions and have found their services excellent on each occasion. Buying and selling never an easy ride and when problems have arisen Sims have been very efficient at dealing with them. Would highly recommend them.
Valerie - Vendor - Jul 12th, 2021

Excellent and Friendly Service

As someone who has never been involved in a property sale before, I am extremely grateful to Lynne, Helena and Emma for helping me through the process. They were very efficient, helpful and supportive, and always there to advise and guide me. I would strongly recommend Sims Williams
Victoria - Vendor - Jul 29th, 2021


Sims Williams were able to let my property very quickly at a good rental value. They provided regular updates and provided consistent excellent customer service.
Harry - Landlord - Feb 3rd, 2021

Thank you to Sims Williams!

We love Sims Williams! As very happy tenants of a property in Arundel, we would like to pass on our thanks to Jo and team at Sims Williams Chichester. Jo is absolutely fab- making the rental process such a breeze and all steps a very relaxing experience. Thanks again! Marina and Edward x
Marina and Edward - Tenant - Jan 21st, 2023

Happy House Buyers

We genuinely couldn’t have been happier with our house purchase and the unwavering support we received from Sims Williams every step of the way. We purchased a new build property and Sims were a fantastic conduit between us and the builder. We are now settled in our new home and look forward to spending many happy years ahead enjoying our new space made possible with Sims Williams support.
Lauren O’Malley - Buyer - Oct 14th, 2022

Excellent service

Very happy with their services in selling my flat. The team was always very straightforward and professional. Pauline Jones in particular always kept me updated and was super efficient.
Christine - Vendor - Dec 9th, 2023