How to save money on your energy bills

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Energy efficient homes are not a new topic of conversation by any means. The government have designed multiple initiatives over the years, as well as planning regulations, that have looked to improve the green credentials of our homes and properties. 

Did you know that 30% of the average energy bill is classed as wasted energy?

Our homes are the one area we can all make some sustainable swaps in.

5 tips on how to save money on your energy bills: 

1. Research and invest in a Smart Meter to gain greater control over your energy use and educate yourself on how to manage it better.

2. Draught-proof gaps. According to Energy Saving Trust, the average household could save £125 by draught-proofing gaps around the home.

3. Use your washing machine more efficiently – wash all cycles at 30-degrees and reduce the washing machine by one run per week for a year and save yourself £34 a year.

4. When the time arrives to replace home appliances, do your homework and research the energy ratings prior to investing in new items. Key items in particular to consider upgrading include: washing machine, fridge freezer, dishwasher.

5. Turn appliances off standby. The latest statistics from Energy Saving Trust show that households could save around £65 a year by doing this.

For those of you looking to take things one step further and invest more into future-proofing your property, we have identified the top 3 considerations that buyers are keen to see on prospective homes:

Home insulation

Small improvements here can significantly help with current bills. From making sure cavity walls are filled, to applying a jacket around your hot water tank, or installing floor and loft insulation. Granted it will likely be a more costly project, but worth considering – especially if your home was built before the 1920’s. 

Solar panels

A great investment, and believed to be the most common domestic renewable energy source in the UK. The main considerations for installing them include space or whether planning permission is required. For getting maximum energy, you ideally need a south-facing orientation and a specifically unshaded area to house the panels.

Heat pumps

Fast-becoming a popular choice for buyers and for reducing costs and a greener choice for heating your home. Experts say that this source of heating and hot water will over time replace the gas boiler! so if this is next on your list of home improvements, look into whether it’s already worth considering this change. Heat pumps run on mains electricity. As more renewable electricity is being added to the process, heat pumps are becoming a more decarbonised, and therefore sustainable, option. They aim to reduce carbon emissions created from household heating to almost zero – and in some cases, they’re already cheaper to run than fossil fuelled heating systems!

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Me and a friend recently went through Sims Williams to view some newly renovated apartments in central Chichester. David was with us for our initial viewing through to our tenancy signing and was incredibly helpful and prompt with communication throughout. We were disappointed to have not been informed on our initial viewing that the property would be under construction for 6-8 months out of our 12 months tenancy, however despite this all communication with Sims Williams was very quick in getting in touch with the landlord about this, and we are still very happy with the service that they provided.
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We were delighted with the efficiency and friendliness we received from the team at a stressful time for us. The communication was excellent and regular updates were useful.
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Jo and her colleagues are managing two rental properties for me and the service has been fantastic from start to finish: providing me with very helpful advice prior to letting, finding high quality tenants and managing all ongoing matters. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jo and her team to others.
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Sara and Lin were both very helpful and sorted out any issues as they arose. They kept in regular contact and helped make things easier for the purchase of our lovely new house! After sales they have been brilliant too!
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The team at Sims Williams, Chichester afforded me a very professional service. I was looking for tenants at a difficult time of the year, but the team found and offered numerous applicants and never rushed me to choose. They thought of everything I needed including the gas and electrical safety certification. The team made the whole process as easy as it could be. I wholeheartedly recommend Sims Williams Lettings. They are very approachable, thorough professionals dedicated to providing the best service.
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All the staff involved at office were always quick to return answers to the question asked. This enabled quick response for sale to go through with liaison with solicitors.
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Would highly recommend Sims Williams. Recently moved into a rental property in Arundel with my other half. It's absolutely perfect for us. When things got a bit tricky financially, David was so helpful in pushing the move through. They were always happy to help whenever I called. Thanks so much!
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