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Everyone talks about location as a key factor when investing in property, but have you really explored the reasons why this is, or perhaps overlooked something in the past?

We don’t believe in leaving things to chance and here at Sims Williams, we want to make sure you’re armed with all the information at the beginning so that you can make informed decisions and feel empowered about any property decisions that land at your door. 

The right location can significantly impact your quality of life, investment potential, and overall satisfaction with your property. We want to discuss why location matters, and share ideas about how you can make informed decisions when selecting your next property.

Top 10 Considerations When Choosing a Location


  1. Easy access to transportation links, highways, and public amenities such as shops, schools, and healthcare facilities is crucial for convenience and quality of life. A well-connected location can save you time and reduce daily stress. Bliss!


  1. The safety and security of the neighbourhood are at the top of the list – you don’t want to invest in a fabulous property only to not feel safe in your home or walking down the road! Factors like crime rates, street lighting, and community policing initiatives should be carefully considered. A safe environment provides peace of mind and protects your investment.

Schools and Education

  1. Proximity to good schools and educational institutions is essential for families with children. Researching school performance and catchment areas is vital for planning ahead. 

Local Amenities

  1. Access to parks, recreational facilities, shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment options can also enhance your lifestyle and contribute to a sense of community. Being near these amenities makes daily life more enjoyable and convenient. The team at Sims Williams all live and work in the local community so can offer first hand experience and recommendations to local amenities, depending on your requirements. Give your local office a call today and we will be happy to help!

Property Values

  1. Investigate property values and trends in the area to assess potential return on investment opportunities. Up-and-coming neighbourhoods or areas undergoing regeneration may offer growth potential. Look for areas with a positive outlook for future property value appreciation. 

Neighbourhood Demographics

  1. Consider the demographics of the neighbourhood, including age groups, household types, and cultural diversity, to ensure compatibility with your lifestyle and preferences. A community that matches your lifestyle can greatly improve your overall happiness and help make your transition run smoothly.

Future Development

  1. Research planned developments, infrastructure projects, and zoning regulations in the area to anticipate how they may impact property values and quality of life in the future. Future projects can both positively and negatively affect your investment. Save yourself time and energy and speak with our dedicated team – Land and New Homes that have an incredibly in depth understanding of the local property values. 

Community Atmosphere

  1. Get a feel for the community atmosphere by attending local events, exploring the neighbourhood, and speaking with residents to gauge the sense of community and neighbourly spirit. A welcoming and vibrant community can make you feel at home.

Personal Preferences

  1. Ultimately, consider your own priorities, preferences, and lifestyle needs when choosing a location. Whether it’s a vibrant urban area or a peaceful suburban neighbourhood, finding the right fit for you is the most important thing to remember. 

How to Collect Reliable and Relevant Information

Our first recommendation is to get in touch with your local Sims Williams office to speak to a local property expert who can give you a personalised service and provide you with relevant, unrivalled and reliable information about your specific area. 

Online Resources

  • Utilise online property portals, neighbourhood guides, and social media groups to gather information about different areas and properties. We highly recommend sources such as Propertymark, MoveIQ, and even using Facebook to join local community groups of the possible relocation areas to gain a true sense of daily life and community.

Visit in Person

  • Visit potential neighbourhoods at different times of the day and week to get a sense of traffic patterns, noise levels, and overall atmosphere. Seeing the area firsthand can provide valuable insights that online research cannot.

Consult Local Experts

  • Seek advice from local estate agents, property experts, and residents to gain insights into the local property market and community dynamics. When you choose the estate agent to support you on this next step, use a reputable agent like Sims Williams, which has intimate knowledge of the area you are looking to move to. They will be able to offer personalised guidance, depending on your needs, and assistance throughout the decision-making process on a deeper level.

Choosing the right location is not just about finding a place to live; it’s about investing in your future and ensuring your overall happiness and satisfaction.

For more personalised guidance and expert advice, contact Sims Williams, your local independent estate agent. We are here to help you find the perfect location for your next home or investment property. Visit our website or call us today to start your property journey.


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Friendly, professional and diligent

It was a pleasure buying through Sims Williams. The Arundel team made the process as stress free as possible. They were always prompt to respond and very friendly, professional and diligent in their correspondence. We would certainly use Sims should we choose to sell in the future.
A Elliott - Buyer - Nov 24th, 2022

super efficient, speedy service

The whole process with seamless...
Nicola - Tenant - Sep 16th, 2022


Another effortless sale in the hands of the very capable and professional Sims Williams team in Arundel. From start to finish we have been supported, kept informed and advised. The team work brilliantly together, never missing a step. Thank you!!
Vendor - Dec 22nd, 2020

Excellent Service

It took some time but the staff, especially Karen and Callum were always cheerful and keen to find us a buyer. We were never pressured into altering our asking price, nor did we get time wasters sent to view! Overall we were very happy with the service we received before and after the agreed sale and up to completion.
Richard & Chrissie Vendors - Dec 3rd, 2021

Easy and stress free!

Needed to rent a property quickly after exchanging contracts on my sale. Viewed a property which I liked and the whole thing was done and dusted in just a few weeks after that. The application process was all done via email and was straightforward and well explained. I dealt with David Vawdrey who kept me in touch all the time and went through the signing process with me in the office. Overall what could have been a very stressful situation turned out to be very easy thanks to the lettings team. Highly recommended!
James - Tenant - Dec 2nd, 2021

Absent Landlord

I live in the United States, so I cannot manage my property in West Sussex. Sim's Williams has been managing this property for just over a year now. I cannot adequately express my gratitude and pleasure in the service I have obtained. I highly recommend Sim's Williams.
Dennis - Landlord - Mar 19th, 2021


My experience with Sims Williams was exceptional. I bought my property through them not so long ago. I recently had to relocate for work. I needed to get tenants in my property as fast as I could and move. I was managing a full-time job working from home. I also needed information and support as a new landlord. Not only that Sims Williams agents were highly professional in delivering timely services they simply took me in, and went way beyond their official duties to help with a smooth transition. It’s for this “ homely feel” in the way they treated me twice that I give them a 5 star and recommend them to anyone who appreciates being valued.
Damaris - Landlord - Jan 28th, 2021


We cannot speak highly enough of the ladies at the Millgate development. Jane and Marilyn were both so very helpful throughout the process. Thank you!
David- Buyer - Mar 15th, 2022

Excellent, very professional service.

Letting our former holiday home for the first time was a new experience. We decided to have three agents visit. David and his team stood out. Attention to our personal wishes in terms of a tenant, excellent follow up after the initial visit, good marketing and a very personal approach by the team. The letting process went smoothly. The team kept us in touch and arranged all necessary legal obligations etc. We are a week in to the let…, early days! So far, I have only praise for this agent. Thank you Sims Williams.
Nita - Landlord - Feb 14th, 2022

knowledgeable and efficient

I would like to say I was very happy with the service I received from Sims Williams and would highly recommend you to anyone selling, or indeed buying a property. I was always able to speak to someone in person whenever I had a query or question. The staff are all friendly, knowledgeable and efficient which made the whole process of buying and selling less stressful. Having a named professional as a primary contact was really reassuring. Calum was always aware of and managing any glitches even before I knew about them. He communicated well with my solicitor and made sure I was up to date at all times. He was also very good at explaining parts of the process I didn’t understand. I will definitely be using your team again in the future for buying, selling or renting out.
Louise - Buyer - Apr 29th, 2022