From House to Home: Creating a Personal Sanctuary in Your Property

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Research has shown a direct link between the environments in which we surround ourselves and our well-being. For example, rooms with bright light, both natural and artificial, can improve depression and anxiety. 

It’s no surprise that when you transform a house to a home it clearly alters the aesthetic of a property but it also enhances the well-being of the inhabitants. Who wouldn’t want to live in a home that is purposefully designed for the owner’s needs, so whenever they walk through the door they are met with an immediate sense of calm and contentment? 

Whether you spend the majority of your time in your home or it’s simply the space you wind down after a long day. Your home should be the place you feel safest, most comfortable and relaxed. 

Here are three tips to start the transformation from house to home:

Name your home

This is often an overlooked area by homeowners but the difference it can make by personalising a name for your home is worth mentioning. It creates a connection and personalises the property to you.

If you are looking to change the name of your home there are a number of things you will need to do. Be warned, there is a sizable paper trail to commit to as well as potential fees from your local council but it will be worth it in the end.

  • To start with, do some research – in some cases the name of a property can impact the value of your home, and of course, make sure it’s something that you really like and won’t want to change later. Bear in mind that you cannot legally change the number of a property and this must always be clearly visible. For identification purposes this must remain the same in an emergency situation and for correspondence.
  • The next step is to get in touch with your local council; the department responsible for naming and numbering streets will review your submission to ensure that the name you are looking to choose is not currently in use in the local area. Once this has been done and no duplication has been found, the council will contact Royal Mail for their approval.
  • Once this has been approved, the change of name needs to be recorded with the Land Registry, utility providers, your mortgage lender as well as updating your local council tax department and electoral roll.  

Embrace the outdoors

Incorporating biophilic design into your home is a brilliant way to reduce stress and improve our mental health and well-being. 

Another way to bring the outside in is to consider how light enters your home, and how to maximise the natural light available. A popular way to do this is to create seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces using large patio doors such as bi-fold designs, or even by lengthening the size of windows and dropping them to the floor.

Pick your palette with purpose

It is widely understood that different colours can have a powerful effect on the way we feel when we walk into a room, and this is supported by colour theory. This subsequently impacts the ambiance and your own mood in your home too. 

Did your property start off as a literal blank canvas with white walls throughout? When you add pops of colour or a specific palette throughout the home that reflects your personality, and the emotion that you want to feel as you progress through your home, the space will be transformed.

The key to picking the perfect colour palette for your home is to decorate with accessories and paint-colour choices that positively align with you and help encourage the mood you aim to achieve. 

Better Homes & Gardens have written a useful article to help you make the most of your paint palette and enhance your home through the art of colour.

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It was a pleasure buying through Sims Williams. The Arundel team made the process as stress free as possible. They were always prompt to respond and very friendly, professional and diligent in their correspondence. We would certainly use Sims should we choose to sell in the future.
A Elliott - Buyer - Nov 24th, 2022

Excellent service

Excellent service provided throughout with good communication and updates and we had the feeling that the whole team was working to achieve the best outcome for us.
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Fantastic service!

Branch Manager Jo was absolutely brilliant; Helpful, thorough, professional, and friendly. The process was quick and I was kept up to date on the process. Everyone at the Chichester and Walberton office who were involved in the letting were so kind and I can't thank you all enough. 5 star customer service. Highly recommend sims Williams.
Mia - Tenant - Mar 8th, 2023

Professional Service

I have recently used Sims Williams to sell my property in Chichester, from start to finish the staff especially Karen Toomey were very professional in both selling the property and keeping me informed during the process, Karen personally oversaw my house sale and was my go between on all aspects of the sale including dealing with solicitors and buyers a very professional lady. I have used Sims Williams on previous sales purchases and lettings over the years and they have always stood out with there professional standards and costs for carrying out these works, I can not praise them enough for what they do for you.
Mr Stark, Vendor - Nov 1st, 2021

Amazing - 5*

The staff at Sims Williams have been beyond kind and helpful. It’s been a pleasure to deal with them. Thank you.

A Really Good Close Working Relationship

Thanks to their unrivalled local knowledge, Sims Williams were able to advise me from an early stage on the most appropriate house styles and sizes for the development. Their marketing of the properties was an excellent balance between online and personal service and exchanging contracts on the final property was the culmination of a really good close working relationship.
Andrew Wilson – Owner Wilson-House Ltd -

Excellent service

Thanks Sims Williams for providing an excellent service. From start to finish Sims have been efficient, communicative and accommodating. They have been warm and reassuring during a particularly stressful time which really helped the whole process and I would thoroughly recommend them.
Ms B - Vendor - Nov 25th, 2022

Seamless from beginning to end!

Selling our parents house was a daunting prospect so we have to thank the team at the Sims Williams Bognor Office who really did make it as pain free as it could possibly be! From the valuation to the open day and right through the sales process, John and his team kept us informed and nothing was too much trouble. Having bought and sold property before, we both know that’s not always the case and, in this instance where we were acting on behalf of family, it was doubly important to get it right so we can’t thank John and his team enough enough for their professionalism and help. We would happily recommend their service to anyone looking for that same support. Thank you!
Carol- Vendor - Jun 13th, 2022

A 19 week stressful purchase!

Our sale took 19 weeks from beginning to end. No ones fault there was just a few obstacles to overcome on our purchase! But through it all John Wyatt was exemplary in his manner and the way he looked after us. Nothing was too much trouble, umpteen telephone conversation where he allayed our fears and worries. Kept us informed re our buyer, all the way through. We thoroughly recommend Sims Williams at Bognor Regis. One old fashioned estate agent that values you as a customer and never makes you feel that they are doing you a favour.
Beach - Vendor - Jun 28th, 2021

Constructive Development Advice

Sims Williams have always provided constructive development advice on various schemes for us. Their local knowledge on both house type demand and suitable blends, together with their extensive research of comparable prices, gives me great confidence in the information they provide.
Jason Osborn Developments Director - Driftstone Homes -