Buying a new house – should your head rule your heart?

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With so much at stake – both emotionally and financially – it’s no wonder so many of us struggle when it comes to deciding what property is right for us.

We worry that our emotions will rule the day and we’ll end up in a property that doesn’t meet our practical needs. Or, we’ll be so sensible that we’ll buy somewhere that ticks all the right financial and practical boxes but just doesn’t feel like “home.”

So, how can we satisfy our hearts and minds when it comes to buying a new property?


Start your property search head first

Falling in love with a new property before you’ve even crossed the threshold is fantastic – providing you’ve used your head to help you get this far.

Before you view any properties, it’s vital to have a clear mental (or preferably physical) checklist of your requirements.

Once you’ve got your checklist and you stick to only viewing properties that meet your criteria, it’s absolutely fine to let your heart take over to find “the one.”


What should your house search criteria include?

Location – we don’t need Phil and Kirsty to remind us how important it is to choose the best area for you and your family to live.

Of course, it makes financial sense to choose the most affluent area you can afford – but only if living there suits your family’s lifestyle and work commitments.

A beautiful house on a gentle hill, far away from the nearest neighbours may sound like bliss but, if you’ve got small children and pushchairs to consider, that gentle hill may feel like Ben Nevis on a cold Winter’s day.

And, who will your children play with if your lovely, quiet neighbourhood is full of retired people.

Likewise, if you’re retired and looking for a quiet, relaxed way of life, a thriving housing estate full of young families will probably not be right for you.

Budget – don’t view anything you can’t afford!


Set your property budget sensibly.

If you stretch yourself too far, there may not be enough left at the end of each month to actually enjoy life in your new home.

If you’re getting a new mortgage, the monthly repayment amount is a good starting point for your budgeting. Take into account any additional travel costs you may have if you’re moving areas.


How much space do you really need?

If you’re downsizing, decide how many bedrooms you genuinely need and narrow your property search criteria accordingly.

It is so easy to be tempted to go and see a property that is actually the same size as your current home, but you’re unlikely to reduce your outgoings if the amount of floor space is the same.

Likewise, if you need extra room for a growing family, this may mean compromising on the type of properties you view – especially if you aren’t in a position to increase your mortgage.


How much will you have to spend “doing up” your new home?

We all want to put our stamp on our new home, but think carefully about how much spare cash you’ll have for refurbishments and decorating.

If money will be tight, make sure you can live with the existing kitchen and bathroom until you have the money to change things.

Bathrooms and kitchens are expensive to remodel so don’t bother viewing properties that don’t give you the space and facilities you need for daily life.


Be strict with yourself – and with your estate agent

Once you’ve identified what’s really important to you and your family – stick to your guns!

Make sure your estate agent knows your property search criteria and doesn’t send you properties that may tempt you to push yourself too far financially.

A good estate agent will take the time to get to know you and understand your property needs. This will ensure they will only show you properties that meet your criteria.

They’ll also have access to reputable financial advisers who can help you decide what level of mortgage you can comfortably afford.


Time to set your heart free!

If you’ve followed our advice and narrowed down the practical aspects of your property search, it’s time to let your emotions take over.

We’ve accompanied thousands of clients to thousands of viewings and 99 times out of 100, we’ll know within minutes – if not seconds – when a customer has fallen in love with a property.

It’s an absolute privilege to be there when you see someone’s eyes light up, their smile broaden and even the odd tear when you show them “the one.”


Turning love at first sight into a forever home

As estate agents, witnessing how much a client wants to buy a certain property provides all the motivation we need to ensure the sale goes through smoothly and swiftly.

After all, we wouldn’t want to stand in the way of true love!

Can we help you fall in love with your next home? Call us today and let’s get moving.

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Wonderful & very helpful Agency

Wonderful service which has led me step by step to completing house agreement. Special thanks to Jo for all the professional help provided.
Ilona - Tenant - Jan 21st, 2023


Sims Williams did a fantastic job securing our new home for us despite some difficult circumstances. Totally impressed with their friendly professionalism and would definitely recommend them.
Linde M - Buyer - Dec 7th, 2020

Great Experience

Our experience of buying a property through Sims Williams in Walberton was faultless. Always updated on progress and answered any questions we had . Thank you .
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Sims Williams Estate Agents in Bognor Regis is a very good, professional, reliable and helpful in every case.

They solve any problems quickly and effectively, they help 100%. I highly recommend this professional estate agency company - Sims Williams from Bognor Regis to anyone who wants to buy their home. I wish you success and many satisfied customers like me and my wife.
Radek- Buyer - Oct 28th, 2022

Amazing service from start to finish

We had a fantastic experience with Sims Williams when we purchased our new home, the staff were personable, helpful and professional throughout the entire process. Would certainly recommend!
Chris Hicks - Buyer - Jul 6th, 2021

Easy and stress free!

Needed to rent a property quickly after exchanging contracts on my sale. Viewed a property which I liked and the whole thing was done and dusted in just a few weeks after that. The application process was all done via email and was straightforward and well explained. I dealt with David Vawdrey who kept me in touch all the time and went through the signing process with me in the office. Overall what could have been a very stressful situation turned out to be very easy thanks to the lettings team. Highly recommended!
James - Tenant - Dec 2nd, 2021

Fantastic service , over and beyond expectations

Great service from Sims Williams, from initial purchase of property with the Walberton Office, through to using Chichester office to manage the rental of our newly renovated property. Always timely, open and honest with communications and do a thorough job from start to finish. Really impressed with service given by all offices and would totally recommend to anyone looking to either buy sell or rent a property. Well done guys, you have totally nailed it !!! keep up the good work.
Jo & Warren - Landlords - May 5th, 2021

Great service comes from great teams

As I am living in another country, I am fully dependent on a trusting letting agent to manage the property and the tenant in both a professional and caring manner. The Sims Williams team came as a gift that were recommended to me by somebody who cared as well. From their first touch a difference could be noticed which installed confidence in their expertise and advice. Such a personal and efficient team assures that the tenant and the property are both in good hands.
Janeen - Landlord - May 19th, 2021


Throughout the 10-month process of selling during two lockdowns, we received a totally professional, helpful and friendly service from everyone at SW at every stage.
Flis Salmon - Vendor - Jan 26th, 2021


Highly recommend the team at the Walberton Office for all of their help in the selling of my property during the difficult times we are currently experiencing. I have been kept informed on a timely basis at all stages during the process and the whole experience has been professionally managed and stress free.
Steve W - Vendor - Sep 8th, 2020