A guide to selling due to a divorce or separation

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Selling a property at the best of times can be both challenging and stressful, doing so after a relationship breakdown can often make it even more so.

Firstly, we understand. Many of our staff have been through the exact same challenges you are currently facing right now. I’m sure comments such as ‘things will get better’ are of no use at all, but seriously, they do and they will.

The good news is that there are specific measures you can take to help move forward and start a fresh chapter in your life, some of which we will cover in this blog. We have a comprehensive guide to selling due to a divorce or separation too. 

Our experienced team understands the complexities of selling a property during this trying time, and we offer our support and guidance as your partner throughout the process. 

Once the difficult decision has been made that the property is to be sold then we can help by offering the best possible advice as to the value of your home and the best way to proceed.

This blog will primarily reference divorce, but the same approach, processes, and tips can be applied to separation as well.

Preparing for Divorce: Covering the Basics

To ensure a smooth transaction, clear communication is essential. First things first, we require both parties to be in agreement, and we need full contact details as well as suitable identification.

Our team can provide you with a market appraisal of your property, either together or separately, as per your convenience. After agreeing on an asking price, we will prepare sales particulars and arrange for one of our valuation experts to visit your home before launching it into the marketplace. All viewings will be accompanied by a member of our sales team, and any feedback will be shared with both parties.

It is important that we know your onward plans as soon as possible to avoid any complications. You will need a Conveyancing solicitor to handle the sale of the property; we can assist you by contacting local solicitors who will provide you with a quote for the sale transaction. Your conveyancing solicitor will need to be giving joint instructions with regards to the distribution of the proceeds from the sale.

Admin plays a big part in the process too, so let’s make it as smooth as possible by addressing these important considerations early on.

Divorce can be a complex and challenging process, but being prepared can make it less daunting. From family finances to property and even pets, there are many factors to consider. 

Selling a property can be a challenging process, with many legal and financial considerations to take into account. Here are some useful tips to help simplify the process and ensure a successful outcome:

  • Seeking legal advice is crucial to understand any legal implications that may arise throughout the process. A qualified solicitor can guide you through financial settlements and offer support in negotiations.
  • If you have a mortgage, consider informing your provider of the situation. They may be able to provide assistance or offer options to temporarily reduce your mortgage payments while you sell the property.
  • Once you’ve hired a solicitor, it’s time to contact an estate agent (Sims Williams!). Ensure that both parties involved sign the sales agreement, even though only one is legally required. This will help create a smoother process for everyone involved.
  • Communication is key. Regular updates about viewings, feedback, offers, and progress are essential to reduce the risk of sales falling through. In case of conflicts, mediators can be used to help maintain transparency and keep the process on track.


Remember, selling a property can be an emotional experience, but by following these guidelines, you can ensure a successful outcome.

At Sims Williams, we take pride in our commitment to providing honest and accurate property valuations. We’re dedicated to serving our local communities with integrity and transparency. We’re here to assist you in making the most informed decisions regarding your property.

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What our clients say


We’d had a bit of a journey with our house sale. All the ladies went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everything went smoothly and we were happy.
Kelly R - Vendor -

Great Service !

Sara and Lin were both very helpful and sorted out any issues as they arose. They kept in regular contact and helped make things easier for the purchase of our lovely new house! After sales they have been brilliant too!
Callie Dees - Purchaser - May 10th, 2021

Managing tenants

We have used Sims Williams for 11 years after buying the house from them. We have always found the staff efficient, helpful and courteous. If there were any problems with the tenants these were dealt with in a professional and satisfactory manner.
Robert - Landlord - Aug 15th, 2023

Repeat statement request

I had to query a statement on my account as I was in the process of completing a tax return. Having requested a repeat statement and receiving it very promptly, I realised I'd asked for the wrong one. The correct one was sent with an explanation of the details. Again efficiently sent out to me on the same day. Many thanks to Jo Mallett
Helen - Landlord - Apr 17th, 2023

Excellent service from the Arundel offfice.

All the staff in the Arundel office were very professional, friendly and easily contactable. It can be a stressful time selling a house but Helena and Lynn were very reassuring and chased up any queries promptly and efficiently. From the valuation by Tamsin to the viewings by Helena and the ongoing following of the chain by Helena and Lynn we felt they were completely in control and very enthusiastic about our house and the sale. We would highly recommend them to anyone.
Mr & Mrs Osment - Vendor - Mar 13th, 2021


Would highly recommend Sims Williams. Recently moved into a rental property in Arundel with my other half. It's absolutely perfect for us. When things got a bit tricky financially, David was so helpful in pushing the move through. They were always happy to help whenever I called. Thanks so much!
Ricky - Tenant - Oct 8th, 2020

Professional Service

We have used Sims Williams on four occasions and have found their services excellent on each occasion. Buying and selling never an easy ride and when problems have arisen Sims have been very efficient at dealing with them. Would highly recommend them.
Valerie - Vendor - Jul 12th, 2021


I have recently rented my property through Sims Williams and I was impressed from day one. They were professional, kept me updated throughout the process and took away the stress!!
Lindsay - Landlord - Dec 1st, 2021

I cannot fault Sims Williams and would recommend them in a heartbeat

The common conception of Estate Agents is that they take a few pictures, write a blurb, publish it, show prospective purchasers around a property, and charge you a fortune for the privilege. From the seller's point of view, that may be how it seems. However, after the sale has actually been agreed, the service provided to the purchaser more than justifies the cost. I’ve recently purchased a property through Sims Williams, and they did so much to help. Ambiguity surrounding a tree preservation order was quashed in a matter of minutes, thanks to them having much more up-to-date information than the council. My survey raised a potential concern about damp. Sims Williams provided a damp expert to go and visit the property and compile a report – again resolving this problem very quickly. Lastly, a purchase further up the chain was causing delays. Sims Williams were constantly checking in with me, assuring me that they were chasing and doing everything in their power to help this complete. Obviously, all of this came out of the fee that would have been paid by the seller, so was effectively free for me. Had I have gone back to my solicitor with all these queries, I dread to think how expensive that bill would have been. Through my experience, I cannot fault Sims Williams and would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Thank you

We have bought very many times and the service from the whole team here was excellent and especially in these very difficult times. We would recommend them and certainly use again if buying/selling in Arundel.
Julie - Buyer - Apr 5th, 2021