10 Common mistakes to avoid when selling your home

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Considering putting your home on the market? Congratulations! You’re at the beginning of a very exciting next chapter. Sims Williams Estate Agents are here to help you and want to make sure you steer clear of the 10 most common slip-ups when it comes to selling your house.

Sims Williams has been a community-focused estate agent in Arundel, Bognor Regis, Chichester and Walberton since 1981. We’ve got you covered and want to share some of our top recommendations we’ve learned along the way. Ensuring a smooth and successful transaction is all about staying informed about the potential hiccups that can crop up along the way. From nailing the right asking price to adopting smart marketing strategies and making the right choices for conveyancing, there are plenty of moments in the home-selling process where sellers can unintentionally make costly missteps. 

These hiccups aren’t just about property appeal; they can also drag out the selling process longer than necessary and, worst of all, put a dent in that final sale price. We’ve created a list of the 10 most common mistakes to help you and make your home-selling journey a breeze.

1. Overpricing Your Home 

One of the most common mistakes when selling your home is overpricing. It’s natural to want to get as much money for your beloved home, but setting an unrealistic price can prolong the sales process and turn off potential buyers. 

Did you know that the average sale takes 20 weeks? Click here to find out how Sims Williams shave time off of the sales process.

2. Failing to Declutter and Tidy

A cluttered home can make rooms feel smaller, less appealing and cause concern that the home isn’t cared for. Before you engage with an estate agent and start showing your home, declutter and depersonalise. Remove excess furniture, pet and children’s toys, and family photos to create a neutral and spacious atmosphere that allows buyers to envision their own life in the space.

It might sound simple but it makes a monumental difference!

3. Ignoring Necessary Repairs

If your house has been well-loved but needs some TLC, don’t ignore necessary repairs. 

Leaky faucets, chipped paint, and squeaky doors may seem minor, especially to you, but they can deter buyers and give them the impression that your home hasn’t been well-maintained. If you don’t want to do them and you already live in the home, why should a new buyer want to? A little fix-up can translate to a higher sale price.

4. Inflexible Viewing Schedules 

While it’s essential to have a home ready for an estate agent to hold showings, being too inflexible with viewing schedules can drive potential buyers away. Try to accommodate various time slots, including evenings and weekends, to make it easier for prospective buyers to visit your home. 

Think of it as a potential short term inconvenience for a long term gain.

5. Disregarding home staging 

This can be a strategic game-changer when it comes to selling your home quickly and for the best price. A well-staged home allows buyers to see its full potential, highlighting its best features and creating an inviting atmosphere.If you’re not sure where to start, consult with a professional home stager to get the job done right. Ask your estate agent if they have any recommendations. 

6. Dismissing Feedback 

Feedback from potential buyers and their estate agents can be invaluable. If you receive constructive criticism or suggestions, don’t dismiss them outright or take them personally. 

Take the feedback into consideration and make adjustments if necessary. It’s all part of the selling process and is provided to help you, not hinder the process.

7. Neglecting Marketing

Your home deserves to take centre stage in the spotlight, and that means marketing it effectively. To do this, you need to enlist an estate agent with a strong marketing strategy that incorporates proactive selling, digital marketing and traditional advertising methods. 

Click here to read more about our marketing process to provide the ultimate success in selling your property.

8. Lacking organisation with admin 

Get all your paperwork ducks in a row. Preparing information before a sale is agreed shaves many weeks off the sale time.

Instead of waiting until an offer has been agreed, we recommend going through all the necessary paperwork right at the beginning, before you market your property. 

9. Selecting the highest bidder

When multiple offers roll in, don’t rush for the highest bid alone. Sure, price matters, but reliability counts too. 

If you need a quick sale, be cautious of buyers who might delay or back out. Speak to your estate agent so they can provide you with valuable information and advice.

10. Not budgeting for the moving process

While turning a profit from your home sale is usually the goal, it’s easy to overlook the expenses tied to the process.

Visit our blog page to give you a better understanding of who and what is involved in the property selling process to help you map out a budget for the moving process.

Remember, it’s all about setting the right price, making a good first impression, and being prepared for the market.


Sims Williams estate and letting agents have offices in Arundel, Bognor Regis, Chichester and Walberton. For guidance on selling or letting your property, reach out to us here.


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